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Deemed Permission – Consent for Release of Information

By using and accessing this website, and/or by applying through this website, you are deemed to have given permission to AKB MONEYLENDERS (hereinafter known as “The Company”) to disclose to anyone information relating to yourself, including customer information, in connection with any of your accounts with any member of The Company as The Company shall deem fit for any purpose without incurring any liability of whatsoever nature.

You hereby consent and authorise The Company to release some or all of your Personal Details / Contract Details to the following company / organisation or parties.

  • “Registry of Moneylenders”
  • “Moneylender’s Association of Singapore –”
  • “Singapore Money Lenders –”
  • “DP Information Network Pte Ltd (DPI)” and/or “Datapool (S) Pte Ltd (Datapool)”
  • “Credit Bureau Singapore , Dun & Bradstreet (Singapore) Pte Ltd”

For the purpose of collating such information for credit management and assessment purposes, which information are accessible by subscribers to the above- mentioned parties. You are informed and understand that The Company is a registered licensed moneylending company, and is a contributor and subscriber of information with the above-mentioned parties.

In this connection, your personal and loan information shall include inter alia, your personal particulars including name, NRIC, passport number or FIN. Number, home addresses, income, assets, liabilities, loan amount, interest rate, loan disbursement date, tenure of loan, loan servicing history.

You hereby consent, expressly permit and authorise:

The Company to conduct credit checks and verify information given in your application with any person/authority without prior reference to you;
The Company and The Company’s officers to disclose, reveal and divulge any and all information and particulars relating to and in connection with you, any and all of your accounts with The Company (whether held alone or jointly), any transactions or dealings between you and The Company; this application and/or any facilities granted to you, to any person at any time and from time to time, including, but not limited to any of your guarantor or surety, any person who is jointly or jointly and severally liable or indebted to The Company with you; any of The Company’s subsidiaries, branches, agents, correspondents, agencies or representative offices, any governmental agencies and authorities in Singapore and elsewhere, contractors, third party service providers or such other persons that may have entered into contractual relations with The Company, any credit bureau and any of The Company’s potential assignees and transferees.

Applications / Submissions

Any and all information submitted to The Company through this website shall be deemed to be and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of The Company. The Company shall be entitled to use, for any purpose and without any payment or compensation, any information including but not limited to ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques in whatsoever form provided to The Company through this website.

Online Applications / Email Messages

The Company does not guarantee that information contained in our Online Application or email messages sent to The Company over the Internet will be completely secure. Under no circumstances will The Company be liable for any damages incurred or sustained by you in connection with or arising from any message transmitted via the Internet by you to The Company, or by The Company to you at your request.
Inherent Nature of the Internet

You acknowledge and accept that the inherent nature of the Internet is such that transmissions may be subject to interruption, interception, hacking, transmission blackout, delayed transmission and/or incorrect data transmission. The Company will not be liable for malfunctions in communications facilities not under its control that may affect the accuracy, authenticity or timeliness of messages and transactions that may be sent and does not warrant that any identified defect will be corrected.
No Warranties

The contents of this website, including but not limited to services, products, information, data, text, graphics, audio, video, links or other items are provided ‘AS IS ‘, and ‘AS AVAILABLE ‘. The Company does not warrant the truth, accuracy, adequacy, completeness or reasonableness of such contents and expressly disclaims liability for any and all errors or omissions whatsoever.
Approval of Loan Application / Rates and Fees

At no time does our website or Online Application construe or imply an approval for your loan .The Company reserves the right to reject the application or vary the terms of the loan granted, at our sole discretion. You acknowledge that we may decline your application without giving you any reason for doing so. If this happens, no contractual relationship arises between us and you and you consent to us retaining all supporting documents submitted by you for the processing of this application, regardless of whether this application is approved or not.
Online Application

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